Download Analyzer 1.7: Web site target traffic analyzer that specialized on analysis of file downloads

Download Analyzer 1.7

Complete Downloads - quantity of complete downloads of each file. * Download hits - quantity of unique visitors to a site who have started downloading the file. * Traffic downloads - quantity of downloads measured by total traffic divided by file size. * Total traffic - volume of traffic on each file. Additional reports available on each downloaded file include: * Refer pages - the sites/pages from which visitors come to your site and do a download

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ApexSQL Complete 2012.02: Code auto complete for SQL Server . Integrates into SSMS and VS.

ApexSQL Complete 2012.02

Complete you can also: - Auto-complete SQL code directly in Visual Studio 2012 - Identify the structure of complex SQL queries at a glance - Format auto-completed keywords in upper, lower or proper case - Specify aliases to be filled in for objects from all SQL Server instances and databases - Boost auto-complete performance with object caching - Auto-complete SQL 2012, 2008 and 2005 objects and keywords - Auto-complete in Visual Studio 2012, 2010

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Tams11 Up Stage Card game similar to contract rummy.

Tams11 Up Stage

Up Stage is a multiplayer card game similar to contract rummy. The goal is to be the first to complete all 10 stages. To complete a stage, you must create the proper melds. When the round is over, all players that completed a stage will advance to the next stage. All other players will have to redo their current stage. The first player to complete stage 10 will win. Needs The Lobby ( for online play.

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Shopzilla Affiliate Scripts Complete Biz 5: Price Comparison Script - Shopzilla Affiliate Script -  Complete Bizrate Portal

Shopzilla Affiliate Scripts Complete Biz 5

Price Comparison Script - Shopzilla Affiliate Script - Complete Bizrate Portal Script - Shopzilla Affiliate Scripts - Complete Bizrate Portal Script - Price Comparison Script - We offer a free price comparison script that you can install in your site and begin to make money using the Shopzilla Publisher Program and Google Adsense. "Shopzilla Affiliate Script - Complete Bizrate Portal".

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